Knowing and Acknowledging the Signs of an Alcohol Problem

Alcohol addiction can be difficult to overcome, especially if the alcoholic doesn't acknowledge their problem. Even though they may not admit their addiction to themselves, there are many indications of a problem if others are aware of them. Co-workers, spouses, parents and close friends need to be aware of the signs of addiction if they suspect someone in their life is an alcoholic. The quicker an alcoholic located in St. Louis gets help, the better their health will be and they stand a better chance of keeping their relationships intact, especially with their family.

One of the important things to remember is that alcohol addiction doesn't just manifest itself as someone who is always drunk and stumbling around. There are people who do a good job drinking and hiding it from others so co-workers or acquaintances would never know they drink, except socially. Functioning alcoholics may seem as if they have no problem, at least out in public, but once they are in the comfort of their own home, they often drink heavily. Fortunately, they can get help for their addiction once they acknowledge it and they can go to alcohol rehab St Louis.

However, for those hiding an addiction, there are cues that friends and family can pickup that indict an alcohol problem. People who have a problem with alcohol may feel bad or ashamed for their drinking and hide it from others when they do drink. When they've had a bad day, or even a long day at work, they may frequently feel the need to have a drink in order to relax. Alcoholics often drink more than they originally intended when they go out with friends or even when at home alone and they might not be able to stop at just one drink. While some of these signs may seem minor, problem drinkers can benefit from alcohol rehab St Louis MO.

Having a drink or two from time to time doesn't mean someone is addicted to alcohol, but if it begins to take over their life, the drinker may be becoming an alcoholic. Helping a friend or family member recognize their problem is the first step to correcting it, but they may still need to attend outpatient outpatient rehabilitation centers in St Louis. There are many places where an alcoholic can get help, such as the Midwest Institute for Addiction. However, it's important an alcoholic also has support overcoming their addiction.